About us


Aaron Simmons - President

Daniel Krevis - Treasurer

Anne Peterson - Trustee

Alice Struble - Grants

Meredith Cohrs-Ehn - Maintenance

Rich Steinberg - Trustee

Gardner Krag - Technical 

Here at FGB, we strive to make the Township of Bernardsville a more naturally beautiful place. With our 

donations, we are able to hang baskets, raise awareness about the environment, and plant beautiful plants around the town. FGB is a non-profit 501(c)3 which relies on continued vital community support to function. The next time you're in town, take a moment to appreciate the countless hours of work and charity that helped make your town more beautiful!

Mission Statement:

Friends for a Greener Bernardsville, Inc. seeks to improve, through selective planting, and to beautify public lands and municipal rights of way in the Borough of Bernardsville directed by private sector involvement and education.

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